Happy Friday!

It's Fridayyy!!! What's your plan for the weekend?? Tonight, we decided to go eat sushi for an early dinner. I just got back from a trip to the thriftshop and suddenly felt like wearing vintage. I started with a simple blue dress, and then I slapped on a scarf. And then I felt like something was missing, so I had to add a beret and a a vintage trench coat. I thought I was just going to wear something easy but I ended up putting together a whole outfit! I was kinda excited about the blue with light tan overlay colors. And my chirashi was delicious! I am glad for the adventure - not a bad way to start off the weekend! I hope you'll enjoy your weekend too :)

Thrifted: Trench Coat (No Label - Made in Poland) | 1940s Dress: No Label - (I believe it's homemade) | Scarf: No Label | Shoulder Bag: Bally, Vintage | Beret: Kangol, Vintage | Shoes: Naturalizer | Stocking: Leggs, Vintage

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