Have a little merry christmas

Have a little merry christmas everyone.....Enjoy the christmas tree, savor your gifts and presents, count your blessings and spend time with friends, family, loved ones... Peace and love!

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Dita Von Teese!

Dita Von Teese, the ultimate vintage style icon, is in the house this Monday afternoon! I gasped in fascination staring at these images below....

Love the Hats...

The Glam Evening Gowns....

The Gorgeous Day Dresses.....

The Elegant Lady-Like Two-Pieces....

And This Marlene Dietrich Style...!


Polka Dots and Prints

What are your fave patterns ? Do you fancy some polka dots and prints for this weekend ? Pick some cute dresses and wear'em with heeled mary jane / oxford / loafer shoes :)

Maxi Dresses!

Maxi dresses are in the house! Perfect for the fall to winter transmission weather. Indulge in a luxurious long silk / chiffon dress, get comfy in a knit dress or flirt in a cute floral dress. Happy Thursday night!


Gift Well This Year (and Don't Break the Bank)

Butterfly Brooch - $9.90

Chainbelt - $29.90

Square Vintage Earring - $14.00

Bubble Umbrella - $18.00

Fingerless Glove - $19.00
Square Leather Messenger Bag - $49.99

Glitter iPhone Case - $25.00

Metal necklace - $12.95

Jensen 3 Speed Stereo Turntable + AM/FM Radio - $48.49

Cross Continent Luggage Tag - $12.00

Yesterday, I promised to post a holiday gift guide. Here we go -- here are some of my gifting picks. I tried to find fun and unique itens that are up to $50. I know the Jensen 3-speed turntable just screams my name. Can't wait to listen to music the old-fashioned way! Happy shopping!


Splurge in Holiday Party Clutches

A few days ago I posted vintage-themed holiday party dresses. Today, as I was browsing for holiday gifts, I found gorgeous clutches that I think would look really cute with the dresses. I told myself that I just had to do a separate post on this and share these with you! Time to splurge on accesories to add accent to your holiday outfits :) The holiday gift wish list will come in the next post!


DIY Vintage Dress Up

It's a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and I am feeling my creative juice is flowing! So, I decided to play vintage dress up! While I love real vintage clothing (and I do have them in my closet), I wanted to mix and match a couple of other items in my closet. Ta-Daah. Here's what I come up with. The cozy and warm white faux fur vest is from H&M for $14.95. The maxi dress and the postman bag are also from H&M. The hat is from Zara and the necklace is from Urban Outfitters. Ciao, I hope you are enjoying your Saturday afternoon! Off to running my weekend errands now.


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