Thrift Treasures: Jonathan Logan

I bought this 1960s-mod green houndstooth shift dress last Christmas. When I saw the clothing label says "Jonathan Logan", I was really curious to learn about this brand (I have actually since become obsessed with reading vintage clothing labels....)

I have to thank Couture Allure and Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resources (via Past Perfect Vintage) for posting really insightful information on Jonathan Logan. Here's what I learned: Jonathan Logan was founded as an apparel manufacturer by David Schwartz and his ten employees in 1944 in the New York garment district. The brand was designed for junior-size women.  In the 1960s, when David Schwartz's son, Richard, was made head of the company, Jonathan Logan became one of the largest ready-to-wear companies in the U.S. with $80mm in sales. The company had 28 manufacturing plants around the U.S. and employed 60 salesmen. Jonathan Logan was the first to use the computer to sort orders. They also owned an aircraft to transport and distribute garments.  Jonathan Logan really catered to their customers. Salesmen reported on what sold well on the floor. The company quickly removed slow-moving inventory with trendy styles that were in demand. Jonathan Logan owned 14 different brands, each catered to different customers, including Carnaby Street Boutique, Butte Knit, Youth Guild, Junior Accent and Bleeker Street (geared to the mod generation). The Schwartz family sold their interest in the company in 1985.

I have to say, although the dress is missing a belt, it is in a super excellent condition. Jonathan Logan may be one of the early adopters of fast fashion and ready-to-wear clothing, but they maintain a quality standard! My dress is very well-tailored. It fits really well - I could snuggle very comfortably into it and I really love its flattering shape! All of the seams and stitches are intact. No fading in the colors at all! A I felt like a 1960s lady:D

Next time you see a Jonathan Logan label, make sure you get it, it'll be worth it!

Here's me wearing the dress to a Great Gatsby Ensemble Paralelle.

Dress: Jonathan Logan | Coat: Gift from My Mom (Unknown Label - I think it is custom made) |  Shoes: Bandolino | Stocking: Leggs | Brooch, Clutch, Belt, Gloves: Thrifted

(Also...Like the 1920s, the 1960s and the 1970s also made a comeback this Spring. Check out my other post on 1960/1970 inspired outfit)

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