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Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! For me, this weekend was a success - hunted the flea market, thrifted, saw Ingrid Bergman's and Humphrey Bogart's Casabalanca. And followed with the Superbowl (mainly watched the funky commercials while boyfriend was very focused on the game :D) -- and of course, Downton Abbey on Sunday night.

Looking at Madonna's Superbowl performance inspired me to watch her movie - W.E. The movie is about the most controversial love story of the 20th century between the American Wallis Simpson and the English King Edward VIII who abdicated to marry her. Madonna also wrote a song "Masterpiece" for this movie, which I really like and won the Golden Globe awards for best original song. And talking about 1920/1930-inspired movies, there's also The Artist that won three Golden Globes awards and is nominated for Oscar. These movies are in my watch list next weekend. How about you? Any vintage-inspired movies that you like?


The Artist


Wendy Sice said...

I'd love to see both of these films! Just last night we saw Hugo at an art deco era cinema. It was very cool, I will have pics on my blog soon. I've only just discovered art deco, and would love to dress like the girls from the 20s and 30s, but haven't been able to find any suitable clothes yet. I did find some headbands, long strings of pearls and a beret! :)

Retro Therapy Vintage Fashion said...

Thanks Wendy! I saw Hugo and I liked that movie too! I love the story, and of course the 1920s/1930s costumes! I love this period and I am glad you are putting together an outfit from this period! If I may, I did some posts on 1920s/1930s fashion which might be helpful. I can't wait to see the pictures in your blog. I see you have several blogs, which blog are you posting it to?


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