1930s Outfit!

This past Sunday, I attended "A Wild Flight of the Imagination", an opening party for the Golden Gate Bridge exhibition at the California Historical Society. The Art Deco Society kindly shared this event to their subscribers (of which I am one of them :)). I was ecstatic when I learned that they encouraged 1930s attire! I have actually been meaning to go to their events and I was never able to make any of them. And I am glad that I got my first opportunity to do a serious period dress-up. So, here's me in my first 1930s outfit. And I would like to thank my boyfriend who helped me take pictures and also agreed to go to the event with me (thx hun!)

This is me posing before leaving for the event. (I just got the vintage inspired leopard print cape two days before -- literally! I am glad I got to wear it!). (And what do you think of my wavy hair? It was my first time waving my super straight short bob hair. I tried to do vintage rolls but I just couldn't cut it with foam rollers - anyone with super straight bob hair has successfully created rolls? Please, I'd love your advice!)

And this is me without the cape -- in a 1930-inspired suit. This suit is inspired from Marsha Hunt's book called The Way We Wore: Styles of the 1930s and the 40s and our World Since Then. I absolutely recommend and I love love this book. A must-read for anyone who loves vintage fashion -- there are pictures of 1930s suits, dresses, coats, shoes, hats, hairstyles -- anything you want to know. A very rich source of styling inspirations!

And I chose Oxford platform heels paired with white stocking. The clutch is more from the 1960s but I wore it anyhow because I couldn't find any other period-correct handbag in my closet (should be in my next shopping list?)

And, here's me at the event. I candidly placed my hand on the hand rail. Now that I look at this picture, I should have done vintage poses -- you know -- in those days, people seemed to always be looking away from cameras. They would have their hands on some furniture while looking sideways. And also, I learned other poses from three photographers who took my picture at the event (yes, three! Can you imagine - I was also surprised - and flattered - that they wanted my picture :D). The two poses are: 1) I face sideways with my eyes looking up to the lights in the ceiling, 2) I stand upright with my back facing the camera to show the details of my cape. I will definitely try these poses next time.

Oh, and this is me again :)

And here are some pictures of the attendees whose attire I love.

I had a great time at the event. And I already cannot wait to dress up for the Art Deco Preservation Ball in May!!

Leopard Print Cape - Macy's | Vintage Green Emerald Skirt - Empire Vintage Clothing (Palo Alto) | Clutch, Felt Hat with Feather, Jacket, Silk Blouse - Thrifted | Tights - Leggs | Gloves - Next UK | Shoes - Vintage Payless Shoe Source

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