Max Raabe und Palast Orchester

I recently discovered Max Raabe und Palast Orchester. Max Raabe is a German singer with a sweet and dreamy voice that will transport you back to the 20s and 30s. The sounds and music of the Germany of the time... And, he's quite one dapper gentleman too...

Here are some of my favorites:

"Küssen kann man nicht alleine"

"Klonen kann sich lohnen"

Max Raabe singing "J'attendrai" - my favorite tune - very sweet and melancholic.... followed by the upbeat "Schöne Isabella von Kastilien".

Here's another one: "Dream a little Dream"....

And another one: "Hallo, was machst du heut Daisy"  - this one comes with a cabaret performance

YouTube plays his top music here. Max Raabe does a worldwide tour too. Check out his schedule here. I can't wait until he comes here in April 2013 to San Fran!!


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