1930s Photoshoot

These past few months have been quite hectic ones -- I've been quite consumed with the fashion classes that I started this past Fall semester. I am glad I finally took them- something that I've always wanted to do and have been quite busy focusing on..! However, I am glad the holidays are here and I can finally be back blogging. I wanted to share this photoshoot that I did for my class. I have a very soft spot for deco style photographs -- and I decided to do one for this project. So, Marcel took these shots - one in black and white, and another in color.

Yes, it's Marlene Dietrich - inspired (whom I absolutely adore!). Here's my favorite picture of Marlene Dietrich. I just love love love how the lighting frames and highlights her facial features...

Tried to look as languid and lanky as possible. I was also thinking of Lauren Bacall at that moment.....and her pants...


And here's the other photo is in full color. As you can see, I chose black and white outfits to maximize the color contrasts. For the photoshoot, I was wearing mostly vintage-inspired modern outfits, except the gloves which are vintage. It was a fun project and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Blouse, Pants: H&M | Beret: Nordstrom | Gloves: vintage

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