Going Swing Dancin' in Red and Blue

Marcel and I went swing dancin benefit organized by the Treasure Island Museum. It was quite timely, just a couple of days after the fourth. And it was held at the Winery - a former WWII hangar. So I donned my white, blue and red outfit. Marcel in his blue shirt and red bow tie. We danced the night away - USO style. Music was great, people were lovely -- had a wonderful time!

Gotta love the red roses in my back porch!

1950s Navy Dress (Empire Vintage Clothing), Hat (eBay), Belt/Gloves/Shoes/Scarves/Bangles (my thrift scores!)

1 comment:

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Wow! You look fabulous. I love all your accessories. They go perfectly with your outfit.


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