Dreaming of the 1920s

The 1920s is one of my favorite eras. I love the flapper girls, the drop waist dresses, the Art Deco style, the cloche hats. I love watching 1920s-styled movies and observe the beautiful costumes. You may have heard that "The Great Gatsby" (starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby and Carrey Mulligan as Daisy) will launch on the Christmas day of next year. As you can probably tell, I am so looking forward to this movie and I can't waitttt. In the spirit of this movie, I wanted to share pictures of the filming (and can I say that I just looove loove Carey Mulligan's outfit). I am sure there will be more beautiful costumes to look at. In the meantime, for my Pre-Great Gatsby craving, I have other costumes from my all time-favorite 1920s TV show and movie: Boardwalk Empire and Changeling. Kelly Macdonald is stunning and, like always, Angelina Jolie is elegant and well-dressed. What's your favorite 1920s movie?

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